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    Interview with Luciano Bandini: ‘my’ perfect wine

    The primary objective of an oenologist is to be able to give the owner of the winery, and thus
    also the consumer (at the end of the production process), the ‘perfect wine’ via enhancing and
    optimising that fruit of the gods: grapes.

    Does the ‘perfect’ wine really exist? Some have defined the perfect wine as the one that favours its producers, others its consumers. There are also those who claim that the perfect wine is the one without faults, yet we know that, sometimes, a small imperfection can turn into an added value, an example of this is the ‘Brettanomyced ‘wines, (Brettanomyce is a yeast commonly associated with red wine spoilage); some of which are loved and hated, at the same time.

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