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    What I do

    I work as a wine consultant.

    I offer technical assistance on the entire production chain, from the planting of a vineyard to bottling. I listen to the customer's needs and point out the best ways to achieve the goals that they have set. I adopt current, sustainable and organic production techniques.


    The design of a vineyard is an essential step in the production of high quality wines.

    The choice of grape varieties, rootstocks, planting layouts and training methods must be made according to the soil and environmental characteristics of the available land. Following on from that, for effective vineyard management to take place, all those agronomic practices must be adopted in ways that allow strong plants to have good balance between the vegetative and productive parts. Proper soil management, to allow the right supply of nutrients and oxygen to the roots, is crucial.

    Only in this way can we grow quality grapes without excessive use of pesticides, even if the latter are strictly organic. Professional scrutiny in observing the leaves and fruit is indispensable to understanding what the plant needs.


    The work in the cellar begins with the optimal choice of when to harvest the grapes.

    It is not enough to have healthy grapes, it is necessary to assess the right sugar/acid ratio and the correct polyphenolic content.

    The transformation process is aimed at extracting and safeguarding all those positive compounds that will become part of the organoleptic properties of the bottled wine. The use of corrections and adjuvants is only necessary in the case of grapes that are not perfect, not healthy, or in a less than ideal state of ripeness.

    In any case, we cannot produce anything else other than a balanced, pleasant, faultless wine.

    Every small defect will make the wine banal, standardised and generic. The end result depends 85% on the quality of the grapes, 10% on cleanliness and 5% on technique and attention to the transformation process.

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