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    Luciano Bandini Oenologist Tuscany

    "The wine that I don't forget is the one that speaks of the essence of the territory from where it hails and of the people who produce it and love it"

    I grew up playing among the vineyards, savouring the scents of this environment and discovering the wonders that a vineyard is capable of holding in store.

    Who I am

    I work as a wine consultant. I offer technical assistance on the entire production chain, from the planting of the vineyard itself to the bottling.

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    My Philosophy

    Knowing how to listen to the people who work in your company every day, observing the colours of the earth and the context in which a vineyard lives is fundamental to producing wines with unique characteristics.

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    What I do

    I offer technical assistance throughout the entire production chain, from the planting of a vineyard to bottling. I listen to the customer's needs and point out the best ways to achieve the goals they have set.

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  • Luciano Bandini Enologo

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